Our Process

At Affinity, we take pride in our work so that you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Here are the 6 steps process we follow: 

Step 1: Estimation Crew – We have a competent estimating team, which allows for versatile time lines, and an overall expedited process

Step 2: Quote Department – We submit product for validation the same day we receive it, turning over quotes the day validation arrives.

Step 3: Product Selection – We offer flexible appointment times for our customers to come in and make their product selections. We also have the ability to give our customers a 3D rendering of their product selection in their space with the appropriate specifications.

Step 4: Delivery and Installation – We offer intelligent logistics solutions, and can meet project with quick turnarounds. We have a large volume of installers and are willing to work evenings and weekend to meet our promised deadlines.

Step 5: Quality Control – Our site supervisor does quality checks throughout the project to ensure our high standard is met.

Step 6: Client Acceptance Sign Off – Maintenance and warranty manual are given to our client at time of sign off.

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